video editing programs for mac

The 5 Best Video Editing Programs for Mac In 2020

video editing programs for mac

You will agree if more and more people are interested in becoming YouTubers, video editors or content creators. If you use a Mac, it will be easier for you to learn things related to video editing. This is because Mac has several video editing programs for Mac.

video editing programs for mac

Video editing programs on Mac are also designed from beginners to professionals. Therefore, you can find enough video editing programs for Mac that is easy for you to get. Let’s know more about video editing program, which is specifically for Mac:

1. iMovie

If you are new to video editing, one of the best editors for you is Apple iMovie. This program is free and is specifically for those of you who are beginners in video editing. Then, you will be very easy to use this video editing program even though it has sophisticated features.

One of the favorite features of this program is the face recognition feature. Besides, some features allow you to choose a variety of themes, animation effects, and so on.

2. Final Cut Pro X

If iMovie seems too limited for you, Apple has another option. Final Cut Pro X is the most modern program that has almost all the tools you need. This video editing program is often used by professionals in video editing.

You have to pay for it if you want to use this program. However, the price is cheaper compared to some other professional video editing programs. You only need to pay USD 299 to be able to use this professional video editing program.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro

Professionals are familiar with this video editing program. This is because this video editing program has very complete features that can meet all your needs in video editing. However, the use of this video editing program is quite complicated for beginners.

You must subscribe if you want to use this program on your Mac. Therefore, you must pay USD 20.99 per month for this program. Or, you can buy the entire Adobe Creative Cloud CC package at USD 52.99 per month.

4. DaVinci Resolve

If you are looking for a program that is free but wants to have many features, DaVinci Resolve is perfect for you. You can use this application for free, even to edit 4K recordings. Initially, this program was only for color correction.

But, now you can use this program to edit videos on your Mac. The latest version of this program allows you to cut videos more simply. You can more easily put together various records into one recording with perfect results.

5. Lightworks

One of the video editing programs for Mac is Lightworks. This program is free and can be for beginners and also professionals. There are some interesting features for you to use in editing videos. For example, this program has many storage formats, such as SD, HD, 2K to 4K.

Besides, this program can also produce videos that are ready for you to upload to social media. This certainly makes it easier for you to share videos on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube.

Those are the best 5 video editing programs for Mac which is very popular. If you are confused about choosing which program is right for you, you can choose the free program first. After you are good at editing videos, you can try paid video editing programs.