useful apps for students

Useful Apps For Students That Help With The Study

useful apps for students

Nowadays there are always apps for every activity and for specific people. And the students are one of the people who have the apps designed especially for them. These apps usually help the student with their study. With the existence of the apps, students will never find it hard to follow the lectures. As a result, their understanding and grades will go up. However, not all apps can be useful to the student. So, here are the useful apps for students.

useful apps for students

1. Office Lens

Office lens is one of the useful apps for students that you can get for free and available in iOS, Android, and Windows. This app helps you to convert the pictures you take from a blackboard, documents, magazines and many more, into editable text. Share them with your friends are also possible.

Furthermore, you can take the pictures from a disadvantage angle and this app will clean up the glare and shadows so it can be a readable document. And after convert the picture, you can save it in PDFs, Word or PowerPoint. With this app, you will not worry about getting lost when taking notes.

2. StudyBlue

For some students studying method is boring that it can make them feel lethargic whenever they need to study. However, with the StudyBlue app, they will feel that studying is very fun. That’s because you can upload your study materials and then make electronic flashcards based on the materials. With this, your study will be easier and funnier. Moreover, you can also share your flashcards with the others so you can practice the quizzes together.

3. Oxford Dictionary

It’s not that rare to find hard words that you don’t know the meaning when study. Then, what do you do to find those words meaning? That’s right, it’s through the dictionary. But, will you have to bring a thick-page dictionary wherever you go? Of course not with the help of the Oxford Dictionary app.

Having this app installed on your phone will make it easier for you to look up the meaning of the words you don’t understand. And you don’t need to worry as this app is as good as the book version.

4. Dragon Dictation

The students sometimes find it annoying and tiring to always type or writing notes or tasks. Not only that, too much typing can also damage the wrists. To prevent such a disaster, you can use the Dragon Dictation app. With this app, you just need to dictate your note or your task. There is no need to write or type so many words that make your wrist hurt.

Furthermore, this way is quicker than have to write with your hands. There is also a feature where the editor will suggest the word you should choose. And as the time being, this app will increase its accuracy as it gets used to your voice. What makes this app is so special is that English is not only language available in this app.

Studying is no more boring with the help of these useful apps for students. Not only fun, these apps also help them to understand the study material more. Now, let’s study diligently.