how to erase object in photoshop

Two Easiest Ways How To Erase Object In Photoshop Like An Expert

how to erase object in photoshop

When we take some photos, sometimes there available some unused objects that disturb our photo. We will need Adobe Photoshop, a great application that offers us the feature to erase unused objects on our photo. However, did you know that there are available some different ways on how to erase object in photoshop? It may seem hard to do but this article will guide you to erase objects using this application.

The main purpose why Adobe starts creating Photoshop is to ease people edit their photos. But people outside there usually think that this application is only for the professional. They think it will be so hard for them to use some features on this application especially for removing objects. Here we give you some ways and the steps to answer how to erase object in photoshop questions.

1. Using the Lasso Tool

First, you should open your Photoshop and then add the picture you want to edit there. You can add it using two different ways, dragging the file or open it using ctrl+o on your keyboard. Choose the lasso tool on the right window, find the rope shortcut on it. If you face the problem to find it, you can use another way by clicking “L” on your keyboard.

After changing your pointer into lasso tool mode, block the object you want to remove. Next, click ctrl+F5 on your keyboard to appear the Fill setting on your screen. Drop down the menu on the same line with use and change it into the ‘Content-Aware’ mode to make Photoshop can remove it. Set up the Blending menu under that drop-down features Now your annoying object disappears from your awesome photo!

2. Using Content-Fill to Cover up Holes

These second ways will be matched with you if the annoying object has a neat shape like a triangle or something else. Like before, the first thing you should do to remove an object on your photo is to open that file on Photoshop. After that, if you are afraid there will be something you don’t want on your photo, you can duplicate the layer. If you already duplicate your photo, you can start to select that annoying object using the Quick Selection Tool.

After that open, you can choose the Edit on the top of your windows and then click Fill menu there. The next steps after select annoying objects on your photo are a little similar to the previous way. You can choose the drop-down menu and then select Content-Aware. If it is done, then repeat the Fill using the new Blending and Opacity settings, then click okay. Photoshop will randomly remove your object and align it with the background so you may need to repeat it until it looks great.

These are two different ways from us as the answer you’re how to erase object in photoshop questions. Before you did this, make sure you have installed Photoshop legally to ease your next step. Above all, you should remove your mind that thinks Photoshop is hard to use. It will be a little bit hard for you, but of course, you can do it when you read it carefully. Good luck!