how to combine pdf files

Options On How to Combine PDF Files Online

how to combine pdf files

People often use PDF files to send files to other people. It is easier and more practice with using PDF files. Even though it is one of the fixed formats of filing, but people could still be able to do some editing. However, editing here does not means changing the format. But the editing here means cutting pages and also combine one PDF file with others. There are several ways on how to combine PDF Files Online.

To combine one PDF file with others, people do not need to download a specific app. With using the internet, people would able to edit files online. People would only need to choose the website’s platform to process the PDF file. Moreover, it is mostly free and easy to do. Here some website alternatives on how to combine PDF files.


The first way to combine pdf files online is with People could easily combine pdf files up to 20 files, whether it is pictures, text, and combination. Firstly, choose the tab on the website of Combine PDF. After that, upload the pdf files that people want to combine. Or also, people could just drag the file into the website box. After that process the combination. Once it is done, download the pdf file on the computer.


The next website options on how to combine PDF files is To be able to have unlimited access, people should first login to the website. However, for small PDF files, people could do it without logging in. First, choose the Merge PDF tab on the website. After that select the PDF files that people want to combine and then upload it. Next, process the merge and then download the file after.


Another website platform to combine files is It is also an easy platform that people could use to combine some PDF files. Firstly, choose the files that want to be combined. People could also upload the file from Dropbox and Google Drive. After uploading, arrange the files which are desired. Remember also to enter the email address. The PDF combination file then would be sent through email. Moreover, people would not need to login first and it is totally free.

4. is also an online platform website on how to combine PDF files. It is a great website for PDF files because users could upload the files without worries. All of the PDF files are secured. Moreover, the website is also suitable for any programs, starting from Mac, Linux, and Windows. People would just need to upload the files and then edit them online. After that, they could then download the finish files.


The other online platform that people could use is Even though the website’s name contains “convert” but the website could do many things, including merging PDF files. The website is free, easy, and safe to process.

There are many easy and free online platforms on how to combine PDF files. People do not need to download an app to process it. However, all they need is to upload and edit the files online.