best os for programming

5 Tips In Choosing The Best OS For Programming That You Should Know

best os for programming

As technology keeps developing each day, we’re familiar with the term of programming. Programming is the process of creating a program to ease human life.  For every programming requires an OS.  OS is the Operating System that functions to support the programmer’s performance in making a program. Because of the importance of the OS in programming, it requires the right OS.  Here are tips for choosing the best OS for programming.  That is :

1. Choose an OS that supports Programming Languages.

Programming languages ​​are special codes in the design of software systems. Generally, people call it the term coding. Programming uses coding as a formula to operate programming in software engineering.

Thus, the importance of using an OS that supports programming languages.  Because not all OS can support it, even some of them have errors while designing the programming.

2. Choose an OS that is not Supported for Playing Games.

A Programmer will spend all day finding the right formula in coding.  Therefore, they often experience boredom.

Starting from the saturation, the temptation to play games on a computer will appear.  Because it is fun playing games, it is not uncommon for the main work to be neglected.  Thus it is important to choose the best OS for programming that cannot support computer games.

3. Choosing an OS that is Easy to Use

The next tip in choosing an OS for programming is that it is very easy to use, it even supports when doing software engineering. Not all OS can accept code easily.  Especially for OSes that don’t know the source of the code.

Some OSes cannot run programming with coding. Because some formulas in programming are not all compatible. Thus, the importance of using an easy-to-use OS as one of the best OS for programming. Thus, you have to use the OS that you’re familiar with and feel at ease when using it. 

4. Choose which OS Not Easily Affected by Viruses.

Sometimes some formulas in programming invite viruses that can attack software.  Thus, one way to choose the best OS for programming is to choose the type of OS, which is not easy to attack the virus.

Viruses can hide some features that programming really needs. Viruses can also make programming not work perfectly. Because the virus can damage the software system, it is not enough just to use an antivirus.  Thus, the importance of choosing an OS, where viruses are not easy to attack.

5. Choosing an Open Source OS

In the operating system, there are two types, namely Open Source and closed source.  Both systems have different meanings, as well as different useful functions.

To do programming, you should use open source, in which the operating system can easily access the programming language.  This is because the open-source operating system uses source code that can easily be received by programming languages.

That’s 5 tips on how to choose the best OS for programming.  Thus, you do not need to be confused anymore to choose the appropriate OS for programming.  You just focus on designing formulas for programming languages and let the OS work according to function.