Most Useful Apps For iPhone To Install

most useful apps for iphone

iPhone has been one of the most favorite smartphones in the world. Not only it has an excellent and different performance, but also the design is one step forward than the others. Unlike Android, iPhone has its own software for downloading. There are some of the most useful apps for iPhone users they must have. Even though some of the applications are mostly not free.

most useful apps for iphone

Almost everybody would download applications such as Whatsapp, Youtube, Instagram, and others. Whereas there are also other kinds of applications that people should download. People often forget to download some of the most useful apps for iPhone. To catch up, here is the list of the useful apps iPhone users should have.

1. Google Map

The first application that iPhone users must have is Google Maps. Even though there is a navigator application from the iPhone already. But the features and the details on Google Maps are better. Moreover, most of the Apple teams recommend people to use Google Maps. People would also be able to check on the vehicle on how to reach the destination. There is also an alternative to walking, cycling, cars, and even public transportations.

2. Dropbox

The next most useful apps for iPhone to have is Dropbox. Unlike Android, the iPhone does not provide sending big size files with non-iPhone users. For android users, people could simply use Bluetooth. Since the iPhone does not have it, dropbox is an alternative to send files online. It is a cloud service to allow any platform to use. Moreover, iPhone users could also keep their data safe without worry.

3. Onavo Extend

Another application to download is Onavo Extend. This application allows the users to plan and to know the usage of mobile data that they have used. Furthermore, people could also manage their use of the internet. Whether to limit one application internet use or more. This application is useful especially for those who often reach a wifi area or on traveling.

4. Spotify

The fourth most useful apps for iPhone are Spotify. iPhone users must pay for each song they download if they use the original application from the iPhone. Rather than spending a lot of money on buying songs, it is better to use Spotify.

People could use it free but there would be some limitations. For unlimited access, users should pay an amount of money. However, it is still more worth it and also cheaper than using the original podcast from iPhone.

5. Lightroom

The camera features of the iPhone are best for light capturing. However, users might not get the best image when capturing in a dark moment or indoors. That is why iPhone users must download the Lightroom application. It is an application from photoshop that allows the users to edit a photo like a pro on their handphone.

Moreover, unlike other editing applications, the lightroom could brighten images smoothly and detail. A lot of young generations have already and enjoy this application.

The most useful apps for iPhone are worth downloading and to have. The applications could not only save money on usage but also result in better. Do not forget to share the info with the other iPhone users.