Looking For The Best Online Quiz Maker? Check This Recommendation!

best online quiz maker

Searching the best online quiz maker, especially for the free one, is maybe confusing. It is because you don’t know what you need yet. But below, there are 5 recommendations to choose what the suitable quiz maker for you. Let’s check it out!

1. Survey Monkey

By using Survey Monkey, you can create surveys, polls, and quizzes easily. For the feedback, you can get it via any online platforms, such as social media, email, or weblink. The other good news, this tool can analyze the result automatically.

You can use it for free if you take the Basic (Free) Plan. With this plan, you can create up to 10 elements. There is no limitation in the number of responses. But you may be limited to see all the responses.

2. ProProfs Quiz Maker

Want to create a scored quiz with right or wrong answers? Or you prefer a sustainable personality quiz? ProProfs Quiz Maker can facilitate you to do it. They can also help you by providing many question types. You can choose multiple-choice, checkboxes, true or false, and many more.

And not only quizzes but with this tool, you can also make some kind of surveys. Webforms and polls are also provided by ProProfs Quiz Maker.

It has 3 plan options. There are Free, Essential, and Premium. The more you cost, the more you get the features. But if you only need to make some fun quizzes, the Free one is enough for you.

3. ClassMarker

When trying to use ClassMarker, you will have 2 plan choices, education, and business. To get the free plan, choose education. Remember that this one is only for nonprofit use.

The free plan still has many features as benefits. You can get unlimited questions and quizzes. Besides, you also able to randomize and categorize the questions. Question types, time limits settings, and test privacy options are included in this plan.

Another special feature is you can set the language of the quiz. There are many language choices that you or the group members can select. Some of them are Arabic, Chinese, Finnish, Italian, Malay, Russian, and Turkish.

4. QuizBean

This one inclines to facilitate student assessment. They also try to help to upgrade the engagement of teachers and students. 

QuizBean offers some features that can make you enjoy the tool. You can create your quiz as you want, is it short or long, with anyhow much questions. Not only words, but you can also add explanations, pictures, and even videos to your quiz.

Don’t worry if you don’t have some good ideas to make the questions. You can still go to Quiz Bank to get what the other users have shared. Moreover, after the quiz, the students will know the score instantly.

5. Google Form

Simple and free, Google From could be the best online quiz maker. To make a quiz, you only need to make sure that you have a google account. So, by using this tool, you can access your Google Drive.

After clicking Create menu, go to Form. Select the theme, then write your quiz. You can choose the question types you want to use. It is that simple.

Those are 5 online quiz makers you can use free. To decide what the best online quiz maker, it is depending on your needs. So, try the most suitable and don’t forget to have fun playing the quizzes.