How To Make ZIP File Smaller For Easy Use

How to make a zip file smaller

These days people can share any kind of media online. However, sometimes one of the problems people face is the size of the document or media that is too big. If you are planning to share through the email you will need to compress the file. Because sending a file or document by email has a maximum size that can be attached. Or copying a big file om a disk can also take some time if the file is too big. One of the ways to make it quick is by compressing it in a ZIP file. How to make a ZIP file smaller will be discussed more details.

ZIP app is an application that can help make a file or a few files into a smaller size. All you have to do us put all the files and documents and put them into one folder. You can even add media such as videos and songs into the folder. However, sometimes after putting them into a ZIP folder the size is not small. Therefore, you have to decrease the size even more. So, here is how to make a ZIP file smaller so you can send them easily:

1. Make a ZIP file

The first step to making a ZIP file smaller is by making a ZIP file. All you need to do is make a folder in any location of your computer. Then put in the files that you want to send or combine into one so it becomes smaller. After all the files are gathered, go out of the folder by clicking back instead of exit. Then click the right side of your mouse and click ZIP file/compressed.

2. Choosing the Right App

There are many apps that offer ways to compress a folder. The steps in compressing are the same, the only difference is the size you will get. Some of the popular apps that people use are File2Zip, Zinsip. and many more.

3. Compressing the Folder

One of the ways on how to make a ZIP file smaller is by compressing it again. With the same app or a different one, compress the folder again. The steps in compressing it are just the same as before. You can only compress a file once, so this is the smallest it can get for your folder.

4. Choose Files

There is a limit in compressing a file so in the ZIP file. Therefore, if you want to make a ZIP file smaller then control the files you put in. For example, don’t pull all big files into one folder because you won’t are able to get a small size. If neede make more than one folder to compress, so you can get the best size.

5. Best for Documents

ZIP compression is best for compressing documents instead of files like images and songs. Usually, if you compress a folder with images and songs in it, it will not compress too much. So, prefer using this app only to compress documents in a folder.

After making a compressed file into zipping, you will only get one chance to make met smaller. The other way on how to make a ZIP file smaller us by arranging the content. Remember that there is a limit in size for compressing a file.