Two Easiest Ways How To Erase Object In Photoshop Like An Expert

how to erase object in photoshop

When we take some photos, sometimes there available some unused objects that disturb our photo. We will need Adobe Photoshop, a great application that offers us the feature to erase unused objects on our photo. However, did you know that there are available some different ways on how to erase object in photoshop? It may seem hard to do but this article will guide you to erase objects using this application.

The main purpose why Adobe starts creating Photoshop is to ease people edit their photos. But people outside there usually think that this application is only for the professional. They think it will be so hard for them to use some features on this application especially for removing objects. Here we give you some ways and the steps to answer how to erase object in photoshop questions.

1. Using the Lasso Tool

First, you should open your Photoshop and then add the picture you want to edit there. You can add it using two different ways, dragging the file or open it using ctrl+o on your keyboard. Choose the lasso tool on the right window, find the rope shortcut on it. If you face the problem to find it, you can use another way by clicking “L” on your keyboard.

After changing your pointer into lasso tool mode, block the object you want to remove. Next, click ctrl+F5 on your keyboard to appear the Fill setting on your screen. Drop down the menu on the same line with use and change it into the ‘Content-Aware’ mode to make Photoshop can remove it. Set up the Blending menu under that drop-down features Now your annoying object disappears from your awesome photo!

2. Using Content-Fill to Cover up Holes

These second ways will be matched with you if the annoying object has a neat shape like a triangle or something else. Like before, the first thing you should do to remove an object on your photo is to open that file on Photoshop. After that, if you are afraid there will be something you don’t want on your photo, you can duplicate the layer. If you already duplicate your photo, you can start to select that annoying object using the Quick Selection Tool.

After that open, you can choose the Edit on the top of your windows and then click Fill menu there. The next steps after select annoying objects on your photo are a little similar to the previous way. You can choose the drop-down menu and then select Content-Aware. If it is done, then repeat the Fill using the new Blending and Opacity settings, then click okay. Photoshop will randomly remove your object and align it with the background so you may need to repeat it until it looks great.

These are two different ways from us as the answer you’re how to erase object in photoshop questions. Before you did this, make sure you have installed Photoshop legally to ease your next step. Above all, you should remove your mind that thinks Photoshop is hard to use. It will be a little bit hard for you, but of course, you can do it when you read it carefully. Good luck!

How To Upload Podcast To Spotify Easily

how to upload podcast to spotify

In today’s online era, all the conveniences to get and disseminate information can be easily done. Podcasts are a place to promote special skills to bring events to everyone, especially those on the Spotify music platform. Thus, you must know how to upload podcast to Spotify.

About What Is a Podcast Well

The podcast is a special feature for recording sound or broadcasting.  Or more simply bring a program for music.  the music platform always uses podcasting for all of its music.

If only for singing and showing videos there is youtube.  So podcasts can be a promotional event for those who are good at hosting events, especially music events.

To upload and introduce recordings to Podcasts, there must be a container that is a music platform that can hold Podcasts.  The partner of the Podcast feature is Spotify.

Many users have uploaded podcasts on Spotify.  That is because uploading Podcasts on this platform is easier to do.  Another reason is a large number of Spotify users, making it easier for Podcasts to be recognized.  Therefore, the importance of recognizing how to upload podcast to Spotify.

About What Is a Spotify Well

How to upload podcast to Spotify, you must first know well about Spotify.  Spotify is an easy music platform to access and share music with fellow music lovers.

Spotify is easier to access favorite music, the latest music, music that suits our tastes.  Uniquely, the music – music can be grouped in the library according to the genre of music.  Thus, if we want to hear it again, just open the library.

Another plus, listening to Spotify can be online and offline via your android.  Of course, you have to pay for this compensation.  But don’t worry, even if you pay Spotify premium, you will get various benefits, both in the form of bonuses and additional facilities from Spotify.

Easy Step Upload Podcast To Spotify

After knowing what Podcast and Spotify are.  Spotify has special features for those who will upload podcasts on Spotify.  Because Spotify is a music platform, in order to upload, you must first have your own account.  And don’t forget to promote the podcast that we have created on other social media networks.

In promoting the podcast, Spotify worked with third parties.  Thus, the podcast recognizes more.  Partners who collaborate with Spotify to promote podcasts are also called podcast aggregators.

Using the aggregator services is quite easy, you just need to tap the aggregator name in the artist column.  There are differences in terms and conditions for each aggregator.  You can choose one of them for your promoter partner

The benefits of using these aggregator services are easier to promote podcasts and make it easier for Podcasts to be accepted by Spotify.

Uploading podcasts on Spotify is the same as uploading content on social networks.  It’s just that, uploading podcasts on Spotify has a great opportunity Spotify uses the Podcast, which of course has various advantages.  But in this case, it requires aggregator services so that Spotify has a great chance of receiving the podcast.

How To Make ZIP File Smaller For Easy Use

How to make a zip file smaller

These days people can share any kind of media online. However, sometimes one of the problems people face is the size of the document or media that is too big. If you are planning to share through the email you will need to compress the file. Because sending a file or document by email has a maximum size that can be attached. Or copying a big file om a disk can also take some time if the file is too big. One of the ways to make it quick is by compressing it in a ZIP file. How to make a ZIP file smaller will be discussed more details.

ZIP app is an application that can help make a file or a few files into a smaller size. All you have to do us put all the files and documents and put them into one folder. You can even add media such as videos and songs into the folder. However, sometimes after putting them into a ZIP folder the size is not small. Therefore, you have to decrease the size even more. So, here is how to make a ZIP file smaller so you can send them easily:

1. Make a ZIP file

The first step to making a ZIP file smaller is by making a ZIP file. All you need to do is make a folder in any location of your computer. Then put in the files that you want to send or combine into one so it becomes smaller. After all the files are gathered, go out of the folder by clicking back instead of exit. Then click the right side of your mouse and click ZIP file/compressed.

2. Choosing the Right App

There are many apps that offer ways to compress a folder. The steps in compressing are the same, the only difference is the size you will get. Some of the popular apps that people use are File2Zip, Zinsip. and many more.

3. Compressing the Folder

One of the ways on how to make a ZIP file smaller is by compressing it again. With the same app or a different one, compress the folder again. The steps in compressing it are just the same as before. You can only compress a file once, so this is the smallest it can get for your folder.

4. Choose Files

There is a limit in compressing a file so in the ZIP file. Therefore, if you want to make a ZIP file smaller then control the files you put in. For example, don’t pull all big files into one folder because you won’t are able to get a small size. If neede make more than one folder to compress, so you can get the best size.

5. Best for Documents

ZIP compression is best for compressing documents instead of files like images and songs. Usually, if you compress a folder with images and songs in it, it will not compress too much. So, prefer using this app only to compress documents in a folder.

After making a compressed file into zipping, you will only get one chance to make met smaller. The other way on how to make a ZIP file smaller us by arranging the content. Remember that there is a limit in size for compressing a file.

Good Versus Evil In Online Slots

The fight among great and insidiousness is frequently battled in our souls and once in a while in online slots. Look at these two titles from driving programming suppliers.

Chief heavenly messenger’s Salvation is a NetEnt online slot that can be played at online gambling clubs like Kroon Casino and Orange Casino. The work of art in the designs and activitys is great and this by itself can be a purpose behind playing the video slot. On the left of the reels is the chief heavenly messenger’s slot, while a charming fiend works from the privilege of the reels. The slot machine has 6 reels, 12 columns and 100 paylines. The most lucrative images are the chief heavenly messenger and the fallen angel that can seem extended in piles up to 12 high. Different images are various seals and the playing card suits. At least three stacked dissipate images anyplace on the reels trigger up to 25 free twists.

The best two lines establish the Heaven Hot Spot and the last two columns comprise the Hell Hot Spot. At the point when the wild image, which is a 2×2 square, lands in part or completely in the Heaven Hot Spot or in the Hell Hot Spot, the Heaven or Hell highlights are activated. The Heaven highlight produces two or four piles of wild images on arbitrarily picked lines. The Hell highlight produces 8 or 16 singleton wild images on haphazardly picked spots.

Blessed messenger or Devil is from Ash Gaming and can be played at Playtech online gambling clubs like Omni agen judi Casino online and Mansion Casino. The slot game highlights a slider that can be set to any of five spots. On the off chance that it is moved towards the left the heavenly attendant will grant progressively visit yet littler payouts. On the off chance that you move the slider towards the right, at that point the fallen angel will grant less however greater payouts. So you initially choose whether you need to be with the heavenly attendant or the fiend or some place in the middle.

The villain and the blessed messenger are both wild images that grant high line payouts. The villain is a 2x multiplier also. Different images are 7, ringer, bar and the playing card symbols. The game logo triggers five free twists to begin with. After each free turn you pick a card to uncover one of four energizing rewards. These will incorporate win multipliers, arbitrary rewards, all the more wild images and extra free twists. The Devil and the Angel super cards grants much progressively appealing highlights. Lightning can arbitrarily strike in any typical turn and grant a money reward.

Options On How to Combine PDF Files Online

how to combine pdf files

People often use PDF files to send files to other people. It is easier and more practice with using PDF files. Even though it is one of the fixed formats of filing, but people could still be able to do some editing. However, editing here does not means changing the format. But the editing here means cutting pages and also combine one PDF file with others. There are several ways on how to combine PDF Files Online.

To combine one PDF file with others, people do not need to download a specific app. With using the internet, people would able to edit files online. People would only need to choose the website’s platform to process the PDF file. Moreover, it is mostly free and easy to do. Here some website alternatives on how to combine PDF files.


The first way to combine pdf files online is with People could easily combine pdf files up to 20 files, whether it is pictures, text, and combination. Firstly, choose the tab on the website of Combine PDF. After that, upload the pdf files that people want to combine. Or also, people could just drag the file into the website box. After that process the combination. Once it is done, download the pdf file on the computer.


The next website options on how to combine PDF files is To be able to have unlimited access, people should first login to the website. However, for small PDF files, people could do it without logging in. First, choose the Merge PDF tab on the website. After that select the PDF files that people want to combine and then upload it. Next, process the merge and then download the file after.


Another website platform to combine files is It is also an easy platform that people could use to combine some PDF files. Firstly, choose the files that want to be combined. People could also upload the file from Dropbox and Google Drive. After uploading, arrange the files which are desired. Remember also to enter the email address. The PDF combination file then would be sent through email. Moreover, people would not need to login first and it is totally free.

4. is also an online platform website on how to combine PDF files. It is a great website for PDF files because users could upload the files without worries. All of the PDF files are secured. Moreover, the website is also suitable for any programs, starting from Mac, Linux, and Windows. People would just need to upload the files and then edit them online. After that, they could then download the finish files.


The other online platform that people could use is Even though the website’s name contains “convert” but the website could do many things, including merging PDF files. The website is free, easy, and safe to process.

There are many easy and free online platforms on how to combine PDF files. People do not need to download an app to process it. However, all they need is to upload and edit the files online.

5 Tips In Choosing The Best OS For Programming That You Should Know

best os for programming

As technology keeps developing each day, we’re familiar with the term of programming. Programming is the process of creating a program to ease human life.  For every programming requires an OS.  OS is the Operating System that functions to support the programmer’s performance in making a program. Because of the importance of the OS in programming, it requires the right OS.  Here are tips for choosing the best OS for programming.  That is :

1. Choose an OS that supports Programming Languages.

Programming languages ​​are special codes in the design of software systems. Generally, people call it the term coding. Programming uses coding as a formula to operate programming in software engineering.

Thus, the importance of using an OS that supports programming languages.  Because not all OS can support it, even some of them have errors while designing the programming.

2. Choose an OS that is not Supported for Playing Games.

A Programmer will spend all day finding the right formula in coding.  Therefore, they often experience boredom.

Starting from the saturation, the temptation to play games on a computer will appear.  Because it is fun playing games, it is not uncommon for the main work to be neglected.  Thus it is important to choose the best OS for programming that cannot support computer games.

3. Choosing an OS that is Easy to Use

The next tip in choosing an OS for programming is that it is very easy to use, it even supports when doing software engineering. Not all OS can accept code easily.  Especially for OSes that don’t know the source of the code.

Some OSes cannot run programming with coding. Because some formulas in programming are not all compatible. Thus, the importance of using an easy-to-use OS as one of the best OS for programming. Thus, you have to use the OS that you’re familiar with and feel at ease when using it. 

4. Choose which OS Not Easily Affected by Viruses.

Sometimes some formulas in programming invite viruses that can attack software.  Thus, one way to choose the best OS for programming is to choose the type of OS, which is not easy to attack the virus.

Viruses can hide some features that programming really needs. Viruses can also make programming not work perfectly. Because the virus can damage the software system, it is not enough just to use an antivirus.  Thus, the importance of choosing an OS, where viruses are not easy to attack.

5. Choosing an Open Source OS

In the operating system, there are two types, namely Open Source and closed source.  Both systems have different meanings, as well as different useful functions.

To do programming, you should use open source, in which the operating system can easily access the programming language.  This is because the open-source operating system uses source code that can easily be received by programming languages.

That’s 5 tips on how to choose the best OS for programming.  Thus, you do not need to be confused anymore to choose the appropriate OS for programming.  You just focus on designing formulas for programming languages and let the OS work according to function.

Best Apps For Bible Study For Kids All Parents Should Install

Best apps for bible study

Studying religion is important for kids. It is because, during their young age, they could learn easily and gain faith earlier. There are many ways on how to teach kids on praying and knowing their religion more intimate. However, teaching kids might be a little bit tricky. They must be taught lightly and fun. That is why teaching kids through apps is a great idea. There are some best apps for bible study for kids that parents should download.

There are now plenty of bible apps that kids could learn about easy and fun. The apps are also always up to date so that parents could also teach their kids in a new way. Starting from the verses, the tales, and life teaching. Here are the best apps for bible study that parents should download for their children.

1. The NIV Adventure Bible App

The first app that parents should upload is the NIV adventure bible app. It is an app that kids could study religion through playing games in which one of them is using scrabble. There are levels that kids could play. Starting from easy up to hard levels. Kids could also read the bible on the app that is displayed in a fun design. Moreover, parents could also record when their kids are reading the bible and played it again after that.

2. Superbook Kids Bible from CBN

The next best apps for bible study for kids are those with games, videos, and other sections. The Superbook kids bible from CBN is a great option for kids to learn. Another thing from this app that is great is that it has graphics in it. The graphic would ease kids in understanding the info. Moreover, the app is fully free to download and access.

3. The Beginner’s Bible App

For those parents whose kids are still 2- 6 years old, this app is great. The beginner’s bible app is suitable for little kids to learn about the bible in an easy way. The app contains games, coloring pages, and stories in it. Remember for parents to accompany the kids while using the apps. However, this app is only suitable for iPad users only. Even though it is only available on the iPad, the app is free for parents to download.

4. The American Bible Challenge Game App

The next app is also one of the best apps for bible study for kids, the American bible challenge game app. One of the activities that kids could learn and enjoy is playing trivia games. However, the graphic is quite not for children, but kids still could easily follow and understand the content. Moreover, kids that have played this game had a lot of fun. Parents could get this app for free whether on Android or on Apple.

5. The Olive Tree Bible Study App

The next application that parents could use is the olive tree bible study app. However, this app is not specialized for kids, instead, it is an app for the whole family. So, parents could guide and use the app together with their kids. Moreover, with this app kids could understand the bible quickly and deeply.

Teaching kids about religion and religion is important for parents to do. To help parents, do not forget to download the best apps for bible study for kids. It is practical, easy, and helpful.

Best Apps To Learn Piano On iPad With Easy Steps And Lessons

best apps to learn piano on ipad

Learning has never become easier with the help of technology and gadget. Usually, people will need an instrument if they want to learn to play it. Therefore, if they don’t have the instrument, they must buy it first, then find a tutor to teach them how to play. Well, these days with the help of gadgets like the iPad, you can learn to play the piano just by using the iPad. There are many best apps to learn piano on iPad that can teach you how to play the piano with easy methods. For those who don’t want to invest too much in private tutor surely needs to try these apps too.

Just like playing on a piano, learning the piano on the iPad will need you to touch the keyboards. You will also need to identify the notes and play them at the right time. Don’t worry about making mistakes because you are learning, so it is alright to make them. However, if you don’t want to disturb your family then you can always use a headset while learning. Now here are some of the best apps to learn piano on iPad that have easy methods:

1. Simply Piano

This app is a great start for beginners who are starting to learn the piano. With the app, you can choose your basic level and start from there. For beginners, there is an explanation of the keys and notes on a piano. Make sure to learn them first before you get going. You can repeat the lesson over until you get the hang of it until you make a progress. You can then continue your level according to your ability.

2. Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is a cool app that can let the users choose the type of piano they would like to play. With this app, you can focus and practice on certain keys that you are not sure about yet. Repeat on playing them until you think that you have made progress. One of the advantages of this app is that it provides many songs to practice. And the best part is the apps and the songs are all free to try.

3. Notes Trainer

Learning the chord and reading a music sheet is a basic skill that people must have when they learn the piano. Therefore, if you don’t have this skill, then start learning with notes trainer. In this app, you will learn the basic notes from the signs to the meaning of the signs. The tutorial in this app is very clear, so anyone blank with notes can easily learn.

4. Piano Chords and Scales

The next best apps to learn piano on iPad is Piano Chords and Scales. Not only will you learn about them but also practice by playing them. So, once you learn the notes you will then play the notes on the keyboard. The only issue in this app is that the keyboards are quite small to press.

5. Piano Academy

Practice will make perfect, therefore try practicing what you learn with Piano Academy. In this app, people will get notes and feedbacks on each lesson they get. In each feedback, people will get to know what they have developed and what needs to be developed. So, this is sure a great app for people who are serious about playing pianos.

Another advantage of downloading these best apps to learn piano on iPad is that you can learn anytime and anywhere. You also don’t need to worry about being wrong or disturbing other people around you. The best part is the progress depends on yourself, so the more you practice the better you will get.

The Top 5 Best Apps For Healthy Living That You Can Try

best apps for healthy living

Do you prepare your diet program now? Do you look for healthy food for your diet program? There are lots of popular tips for diet program there. But, have you know there are best apps for healthy living that you can use. It will help you to arrange your diet schedule, right? But, have you know there are lots of people who have the wrong choice for these diet apps. Lots of them don’t know about the specific feature of the apps. It will give a bad effect on their diet program. Therefore, they do the wrong action for their diet program. So, make sure that you know the app feature, right?

Have you known that mobile application can be applied in several aspects, events in healthy living? There are lots of people who like to use this app to help their program. Are you want to get a recommendation to do healthy living? Therefore, you have to read all this best recommendation app.

1. Couch to 5K

Do you like to run as your workout? You probably can use a treadmill, but you need to pay really expansive for it, right? Have you known about Couch 5K before? This is the perfect healthy living apps that you can try. You will get lots of the recommendation for running to 5K. This app also gives you the motivation to always workout every day. The most important thing that you have to know this app is free for you.

2. Fooducate

Another app that you can try is Fooducate. As same as couch 5K, this app also free for you. You will get more complete information about your body here. So, you will know how to treat your body, right? It also gives you a recommendation on how much calory that you need every day. Therefore, you will easy to make a decision about what healthy food that you can eat today. So, have you tried these best apps for healthy living before?

3. Nudge

Do you want free apps again? You can try this app too. Nudge is one of the popular apps for healthy living that you can try. In addition, you also can challenge your friends to get healthy living. It will be more interesting, right? You also can arrange your healthy program at a specific time. This app provides you to do healthy living in a 30-day activity.

4. Fitbit Coach

Do you want to have a personal coach for your healthy living? Have you known that you don’t need to pay more for a personal coach? You probably try this app. You will have a personal coach from Fitbit Coach. It provides you perfect recommendation to work out for you. You can also find a healthy menu for your program. It is very useful, right.

5. HealthyOut

There are lots of the restaurant which serve a meal that not good for healthy living. In the healthy program, you can’t eat those meals, right? Therefore, you should try HealthyOut. This app will help you to a modified healthy meal for your healthy living. You will get lots of suggestions on how to make healthy food. HealthyOut also provides you the data about the nutrient content in food. It is very helpful, right?

Those are the best apps for healthy living that you can try. In conclusion, you have to always remember that healthy living can be a success if you are consistent to do that. Always consume healthy food and workout be the success key of this. So, have you tried these apps?