Best Apps For Bible Study For Kids All Parents Should Install

Best apps for bible study

Studying religion is important for kids. It is because, during their young age, they could learn easily and gain faith earlier. There are many ways on how to teach kids on praying and knowing their religion more intimate. However, teaching kids might be a little bit tricky. They must be taught lightly and fun. That is why teaching kids through apps is a great idea. There are some best apps for bible study for kids that parents should download.

There are now plenty of bible apps that kids could learn about easy and fun. The apps are also always up to date so that parents could also teach their kids in a new way. Starting from the verses, the tales, and life teaching. Here are the best apps for bible study that parents should download for their children.

1. The NIV Adventure Bible App

The first app that parents should upload is the NIV adventure bible app. It is an app that kids could study religion through playing games in which one of them is using scrabble. There are levels that kids could play. Starting from easy up to hard levels. Kids could also read the bible on the app that is displayed in a fun design. Moreover, parents could also record when their kids are reading the bible and played it again after that.

2. Superbook Kids Bible from CBN

The next best apps for bible study for kids are those with games, videos, and other sections. The Superbook kids bible from CBN is a great option for kids to learn. Another thing from this app that is great is that it has graphics in it. The graphic would ease kids in understanding the info. Moreover, the app is fully free to download and access.

3. The Beginner’s Bible App

For those parents whose kids are still 2- 6 years old, this app is great. The beginner’s bible app is suitable for little kids to learn about the bible in an easy way. The app contains games, coloring pages, and stories in it. Remember for parents to accompany the kids while using the apps. However, this app is only suitable for iPad users only. Even though it is only available on the iPad, the app is free for parents to download.

4. The American Bible Challenge Game App

The next app is also one of the best apps for bible study for kids, the American bible challenge game app. One of the activities that kids could learn and enjoy is playing trivia games. However, the graphic is quite not for children, but kids still could easily follow and understand the content. Moreover, kids that have played this game had a lot of fun. Parents could get this app for free whether on Android or on Apple.

5. The Olive Tree Bible Study App

The next application that parents could use is the olive tree bible study app. However, this app is not specialized for kids, instead, it is an app for the whole family. So, parents could guide and use the app together with their kids. Moreover, with this app kids could understand the bible quickly and deeply.

Teaching kids about religion and religion is important for parents to do. To help parents, do not forget to download the best apps for bible study for kids. It is practical, easy, and helpful.