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Best Apps To Learn Piano On iPad With Easy Steps And Lessons

best apps to learn piano on ipad

Learning has never become easier with the help of technology and gadget. Usually, people will need an instrument if they want to learn to play it. Therefore, if they don’t have the instrument, they must buy it first, then find a tutor to teach them how to play. Well, these days with the help of gadgets like the iPad, you can learn to play the piano just by using the iPad. There are many best apps to learn piano on iPad that can teach you how to play the piano with easy methods. For those who don’t want to invest too much in private tutor surely needs to try these apps too.

Just like playing on a piano, learning the piano on the iPad will need you to touch the keyboards. You will also need to identify the notes and play them at the right time. Don’t worry about making mistakes because you are learning, so it is alright to make them. However, if you don’t want to disturb your family then you can always use a headset while learning. Now here are some of the best apps to learn piano on iPad that have easy methods:

1. Simply Piano

This app is a great start for beginners who are starting to learn the piano. With the app, you can choose your basic level and start from there. For beginners, there is an explanation of the keys and notes on a piano. Make sure to learn them first before you get going. You can repeat the lesson over until you get the hang of it until you make a progress. You can then continue your level according to your ability.

2. Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is a cool app that can let the users choose the type of piano they would like to play. With this app, you can focus and practice on certain keys that you are not sure about yet. Repeat on playing them until you think that you have made progress. One of the advantages of this app is that it provides many songs to practice. And the best part is the apps and the songs are all free to try.

3. Notes Trainer

Learning the chord and reading a music sheet is a basic skill that people must have when they learn the piano. Therefore, if you don’t have this skill, then start learning with notes trainer. In this app, you will learn the basic notes from the signs to the meaning of the signs. The tutorial in this app is very clear, so anyone blank with notes can easily learn.

4. Piano Chords and Scales

The next best apps to learn piano on iPad is Piano Chords and Scales. Not only will you learn about them but also practice by playing them. So, once you learn the notes you will then play the notes on the keyboard. The only issue in this app is that the keyboards are quite small to press.

5. Piano Academy

Practice will make perfect, therefore try practicing what you learn with Piano Academy. In this app, people will get notes and feedbacks on each lesson they get. In each feedback, people will get to know what they have developed and what needs to be developed. So, this is sure a great app for people who are serious about playing pianos.

Another advantage of downloading these best apps to learn piano on iPad is that you can learn anytime and anywhere. You also don’t need to worry about being wrong or disturbing other people around you. The best part is the progress depends on yourself, so the more you practice the better you will get.

The Top 5 Best Apps For Healthy Living That You Can Try

best apps for healthy living

Do you prepare your diet program now? Do you look for healthy food for your diet program? There are lots of popular tips for diet program there. But, have you know there are best apps for healthy living that you can use. It will help you to arrange your diet schedule, right? But, have you know there are lots of people who have the wrong choice for these diet apps. Lots of them don’t know about the specific feature of the apps. It will give a bad effect on their diet program. Therefore, they do the wrong action for their diet program. So, make sure that you know the app feature, right?

Have you known that mobile application can be applied in several aspects, events in healthy living? There are lots of people who like to use this app to help their program. Are you want to get a recommendation to do healthy living? Therefore, you have to read all this best recommendation app.

1. Couch to 5K

Do you like to run as your workout? You probably can use a treadmill, but you need to pay really expansive for it, right? Have you known about Couch 5K before? This is the perfect healthy living apps that you can try. You will get lots of the recommendation for running to 5K. This app also gives you the motivation to always workout every day. The most important thing that you have to know this app is free for you.

2. Fooducate

Another app that you can try is Fooducate. As same as couch 5K, this app also free for you. You will get more complete information about your body here. So, you will know how to treat your body, right? It also gives you a recommendation on how much calory that you need every day. Therefore, you will easy to make a decision about what healthy food that you can eat today. So, have you tried these best apps for healthy living before?

3. Nudge

Do you want free apps again? You can try this app too. Nudge is one of the popular apps for healthy living that you can try. In addition, you also can challenge your friends to get healthy living. It will be more interesting, right? You also can arrange your healthy program at a specific time. This app provides you to do healthy living in a 30-day activity.

4. Fitbit Coach

Do you want to have a personal coach for your healthy living? Have you known that you don’t need to pay more for a personal coach? You probably try this app. You will have a personal coach from Fitbit Coach. It provides you perfect recommendation to work out for you. You can also find a healthy menu for your program. It is very useful, right.

5. HealthyOut

There are lots of the restaurant which serve a meal that not good for healthy living. In the healthy program, you can’t eat those meals, right? Therefore, you should try HealthyOut. This app will help you to a modified healthy meal for your healthy living. You will get lots of suggestions on how to make healthy food. HealthyOut also provides you the data about the nutrient content in food. It is very helpful, right?

Those are the best apps for healthy living that you can try. In conclusion, you have to always remember that healthy living can be a success if you are consistent to do that. Always consume healthy food and workout be the success key of this. So, have you tried these apps?

Best App For Picture Editing Without Watermark For Android

best app for picture editing without watermark

Editing pictures is a must before uploading it, whether for social media or on other chatting platforms. On editing, people would usually adjust the brightness, the contrast, the saturation, and more. People would also edit on the filters, effects, and other items. Not all apps are free, moreover, sometimes there would appear watermarks after editing. However, there are still some of the best app for picture editing without watermark for Android.

Another editing thing that people do is inserting texts, inserting stickers, and even inserting other pictures into the picture. The stickers are usually free, however, sometimes it is watermarked. Usually, it could be replaced by paying or buying the item. Which is kind of a waste? Therefore, people should choose the best app for picture editing without watermark for Android.

1. Snapseed

The first app that people could use is Snapseed. It is an app originally from Google. People could not edit pictures that are jpeg, but also in RAW files. Snapseed is suitable whether for fun use, beginners and even professional ones. The tools are suitable for making great results. Moreover, the app and use are easy for people to use. Not only people are able to edit, but they also to fix parts of the pictures that are might not perfect.

2. Vsco

Another best app for picture editing without watermark for android is Vsco. It is quite a popular application, especially for young people. However, at first, it might confuse some people. But as time goes by, people would get used to it. It is great for its variety of effects and filters. Vsco had one of the most choices for editing pictures.

3. Pixlr

Pixlr is also great for editing pictures. While others only provide basic editing tools, Pixlr has plenty of cool tools to try. Starting from editing pictures with blurring, auto trimming, combining two pictures and creating a great image. Even though the tools are various, Pixlr is easy to use for everybody.

4. APUS Camera

The next best app for picture editing without watermark for android is APUS Camera. Also, differently with other apps, this app is more casual than the other. Moreover, it is a fun way of editing pictures and resulting in a fun image. APUS Camera has many fun cute templates that people could use. Not only the templates, but also the filters, stickers, collages, and makeup.

The application does focus more on editing and resulting in a colorful or themed picture. However, users could still use basic tools and editing. Moreover, APUS cameras could also make natural beauty images for users.

5. Aviary

Another app that people could try is Aviary. It is easy enough for people to use, but with a great result. As for the tools, people could edit, crop, adjust, add frames, and stickers. People could auto-fix pictures as well. Moreover, people could also draw some doodles with this Aviary too.

People could download the best app for picture editing without watermark on Google App. Moreover, the applications are free and easy to use. After editing, remember to share the photos on social media.

Best Online Apps For Resume Building You Can Use To Create Amazing Resume

Best Online Apps For Resume Building

When you want to apply for any job, the first thing you should prepare is an outstanding resume. You should make a simple and easy to understand resume to attract the HRD of the company. Nowadays, creating a resume is not as hard as before because there are available some of the best online apps for resume building. We just need to input some data we want to input and the application will set the template for us. 

However, creating an interesting resume is important for us and sometimes people don’t realize it. The Internet has provided a lot of facilities we can use in any activity in our life. You may find a lot of resume building apps on the internet but some of them are just too bad to use. This article will give you some of the best online apps for resume building you can download on your device. Here it is!

1. Zety Resume Builder

One of the best online apps for resume building we highly recommend for you is Zety. Zety offers you more than 20 resume templates that will ease you in creating an interesting resume. Not only the template but Zety also offers other features that will speed up writing resume process. You can use a premium free trial before you decided to buy and use this application for your whole life. 

2. Resume Help

Resume Help is one of the best resume building applications that will ease you while creating a great resume. This application will be very suitable for a newbie because it divided into some parts. On each part, there are available some orders that will guide you to create the resume. You only need to follow them, fill the blanks, and then let the application arrange your resume.

3. ResumeNerd

Another best online apps for resume building you can try is ResumeNerd. ResumeNerd has almost the same features as Resume Help where it let you fill the blanks per section. This application will give you some tips to make a great resume before you start writing any part. Try to look at some example format and imitate the right one but still, pay attention to your needs.

4. ResumeLab

Resume Lab is not only resume building application but you can also use it to create a cover letter. It doesn’t like another application that offers more than 20 different templates, ResumeLab only gives you 18 templates. One of the best features on this application you can get is AI-driver that will calculate your resume score. Just try to get a high score!

5. ResumeNow

If you want to create a resume in a short time, we will highly recommend this application to you. You can fill the blank spaces in this application and change the templates as you want. Besides, this application also offers you professional printouts so there nothing will change while you print it out.

So, these are some of the best online apps for resume building you can use. A better resume format can give you more opportunities to get the job you apply. But in the end, it’s all about the content you write on your resume it is corresponding with the company’s needs or not.

Best Apps Tor Medical Students To Guide Along

best apps for medical students

There are many ways for medical students to learn, whether they are online or offline. Normally, studying is usually only at a class where students sit down and listen to their lectures. However, now students can learn and study on their own just by using their gadgets. These days, with the development of technology students, can start learning just by downloading apps for medical students. The best apps for medical students will provide information on certain illnesses and what kind of medicine needed.

best apps for medical students

When choosing an app, make sure to choose the right app according to your studies at college. There are many apps available on iOS and Android, therefore make sure to download the right one. There are apps just to inform you about the medicines needed to cure certain illnesses. And there are also apps to inform certain signs of illness. Therefore, make sure to download the right app to support your needs in studies. Here are the best apps for medical students that can help you along with your studies:

1. Medscape

Choose an app that is reliable and supports research from professionals such as Medscape. This app will support people with research medical conditions on many kinds of illness. They also provide the procedure and drugs needed to support the cure of the condition. There are more than 4,000 conditions and diseases that they explain in the apps and the professional researchers have to prove it.

2. Epocrates

This is one of the most used apps by non-medical and medical students from around the world. With nearly 20 years of experience in medical history, the apps provide evidence-based clinical guidelines. All their guidelines include the options of medicine to use and how to face the disease. One of the advantages of this app is users will get alerts if there are any new findings. They will also get information if there are new medicine alternative that can be used for certain diseases.

3. Read By QxMD

Medical students usually don’t have any time to read all medical journals, as they are busy in their field. Therefore, to help and support students who read the journals online, students can download this app. Read By QxMD is an app that provides thousands of medical journals that students can access online and offline. This app also lets students track their medical education credits that they have been receiving.

4. UpToDate

One of the best apps for medical students that are also used many students is UpToDate. It features more than 10,000 contents and gives drug information for many diseases. More than 80 researchers have supported this app, therefore they guarantee the information they give is trusted.

5. Doximity

An app that can let you learn by reading and communicating is Doximity. The app doesn’t only provide information but also lets people interact with other practitioners from around the world. Therefore, they can share their thoughts and knowledge through this app. So, by using these app students can get new updates on certain medicines and diseases that are now happening in the world.

These best apps for medical students can be downloaded for any kind of software on your device. Therefore, students can get to know about many kinds of medical information anytime and anywhere. Students can also upgrade their apps if they want access to more researches and features. So, download these medical apps to help you with your studies.

The Must-Have Online Picture Editor Free On Android

online picture editor free

Photo editing application has become more popular these days. A lot of people seem to use more of these applications. People would not only edit pictures with changing the brightness, contrast, and others. But also, people would use it for adding pictures, stickers, texts, emotes, and more. Moreover, now there are many kinds of filters that are now also popular. There is a lot of online picture editor free on android that people could use.

online picture editor free

Since there are a lot of applications, people might be confused about choosing the application to use. However, sometimes it is important for people to use more than one application. It is because people could then explore more things by using more applications. Here is some must-have online picture editor free on android.

1. Photoscape X

The first photo editor application that people must have is Photoscape X. It is a great one, whether for beginner and professional photo users. Besides people would be able to edit photos with various tools, they could also explore with inserting frames and more. There are more than 200 frames, borders, figures, and more. One of the most favorite filters that people use is the analog camera tool.

2. Pixlr

The next must-have online picture editor free is Pixlr. Firstly, people would have to register before. However, the register time is worth it. It is because people would then be able to use tools without having to pay first. This application is great for people who are confused about editing pictures. This is because it is equipped with tutorials of editing. People could also learn about editing pictures with this application.

3. Befunky

Another photo-editing platform that people could use is Befunky. It is a platform that would not only allow people to edit pictures, but they could also explore many things. For example, people could even make simple postcards, posters, brochures on their handphones. With BeFunky, it is also a great option for those who want to edit quickly. A lot of bloggers and content creators use this application to support their content.

4. PhotoGrid

The following online picture editor free is PhotoGrid. People could edit pictures, combine more than 1 picture into 1, and more. There are many kinds of templates, stickers, and framing that people could use when editing their pictures. Moreover, they could also add texts and use themes filters on the pictures.

5. Photoshop Express

While on computers and laptops, professionals would use photoshop for editing pictures. Now, people could also edit using this application for editing pictures on handphones. However, the tools here are simpler and easier to use. It focuses on editing pictures, so it could not be used for designing like on computers. The great thing about photoshop express is that everyone, even beginners could edit pictures like a pro.

There are many kinds of online picture editor free applications on android that people could use. Starting from beginners up to professionals. Moreover, with the right tools, the applications produce great results like the ones from a professional application on a computer.

How To Flush DNS Windows 10 Easily On Your Computer

how to flush dns windows 10

DNS (Domain Name System) is like a phone book for your computer. It maintains all IP addresses from the websites you usually visit. Within’ the DNS cache, you can access the website easier and faster, because the DNS already saved the IP address. But, the problem is sometimes people find the not updated information from the websites even though they already refresh the page. Or, one day your screen shows “web site not found errors”. Here, you should know how to solve it from this article, so we will focus on how to flush DNS Windows 10.

how to flush dns windows 10

The reason why we are discussing how to flush DNS Windows 10 is that most people upgrade their PC into this operating system. By using the Windows 10 is a one-time upgrade, your device, whether the laptop, tablet, game console, or smartphone, it will be supported with no cost anymore. So, we think that you might need this information to make your work more convenient. See what you should follow below:

1. Find the Start Button

To access the setting, you should find the start button. It is placed on the bottom left corner of your screen. Or, if you see a Windows icon, then that is the button you should click. Right-click on that icon then you will see a pop-up menu. Type “cmd” inside the box, or click the “command prompt” menu there.

2. Run as Administrator

After you right-click the “command prompt”, choose “run as administrator”. There will be a pop-up menu and you will see an empty box. Then, type “ipconfig /flushdns”, make sure that you already type the right command also you make a space before the slash. After that, click “ok” or just press the enter.

3. Wait for the Next Message

Right after you click “ok” or press the enter, you will receive a command box. The message will tell you that you are successfully flushed the DNS cache. This message won’t appear directly, sometimes you need to wait couples seconds. Once you get this message, then your steps are enough.

4. Exit the Command Window

To end the whole process, you can type “exit” now and then press enter. This is to close the command window, so you will get the desktop view like before. After closing the window, it might need time to clear perfectly. All the temporary DNS data will be cleared here.

5. Do the Test

To ensure that the process is a success, you should do a test. Access the “command prompt” like the previous number. Type the command “ipconfig /displaydns”, don’t forget to give space before the slash. Then, you will see several new entries added to the cache. Also, the antivirus may automatically update the servers.

The other ways how to flush DNS Windows 10 is by accessing the “powershell”. Click the Windows icon as we have directed above, then type “powershell”. After that, you should select “Windows PowerShell”, then type “Clear-DnsClientCache” to finish the process. Press enter or click “ok” to complete the flushing. This way also works for Windows 8, 7, and older than them.

Useful Apps For Students That Help With The Study

useful apps for students

Nowadays there are always apps for every activity and for specific people. And the students are one of the people who have the apps designed especially for them. These apps usually help the student with their study. With the existence of the apps, students will never find it hard to follow the lectures. As a result, their understanding and grades will go up. However, not all apps can be useful to the student. So, here are the useful apps for students.

useful apps for students

1. Office Lens

Office lens is one of the useful apps for students that you can get for free and available in iOS, Android, and Windows. This app helps you to convert the pictures you take from a blackboard, documents, magazines and many more, into editable text. Share them with your friends are also possible.

Furthermore, you can take the pictures from a disadvantage angle and this app will clean up the glare and shadows so it can be a readable document. And after convert the picture, you can save it in PDFs, Word or PowerPoint. With this app, you will not worry about getting lost when taking notes.

2. StudyBlue

For some students studying method is boring that it can make them feel lethargic whenever they need to study. However, with the StudyBlue app, they will feel that studying is very fun. That’s because you can upload your study materials and then make electronic flashcards based on the materials. With this, your study will be easier and funnier. Moreover, you can also share your flashcards with the others so you can practice the quizzes together.

3. Oxford Dictionary

It’s not that rare to find hard words that you don’t know the meaning when study. Then, what do you do to find those words meaning? That’s right, it’s through the dictionary. But, will you have to bring a thick-page dictionary wherever you go? Of course not with the help of the Oxford Dictionary app.

Having this app installed on your phone will make it easier for you to look up the meaning of the words you don’t understand. And you don’t need to worry as this app is as good as the book version.

4. Dragon Dictation

The students sometimes find it annoying and tiring to always type or writing notes or tasks. Not only that, too much typing can also damage the wrists. To prevent such a disaster, you can use the Dragon Dictation app. With this app, you just need to dictate your note or your task. There is no need to write or type so many words that make your wrist hurt.

Furthermore, this way is quicker than have to write with your hands. There is also a feature where the editor will suggest the word you should choose. And as the time being, this app will increase its accuracy as it gets used to your voice. What makes this app is so special is that English is not only language available in this app.

Studying is no more boring with the help of these useful apps for students. Not only fun, these apps also help them to understand the study material more. Now, let’s study diligently.

Best Laptop For Mapping Software: Accessing ArcGIS Mapping Easily

best laptop for mapping software

Do you have close interaction with the mapping software? Then, you get in trouble when accessing the ArcGIS mapping on your laptop? In addition, the problem might come from many sides. the problem may include the missing requirement of the laptop to access mapping software. Thus, one of the solutions is getting a suitable laptop for accessing the mapping software. Then, is there any best laptop for mapping software? Of course yes. Here is the complete information.

best laptop for mapping software

4 Best Laptop for Mapping Software Based on The Requirements

In fact, the laptop has its own requirements. Not all laptop has the same requirement and ability. The technology used of the laptop might affect the ability to access some software including mapping software. In order to access the mapping software without getting in trouble, you need to have a suitable laptop which has the requirement related mapping software. The following information includes the best laptop for mapping software.

1. Dell Inspiron i5577

The first suitable laptop to access mapping software is Dell Inspiron 15577. This laptop has the requirement needs to access mapping software such as Ram capacity amount of 16GB, CPU genre 7th Generation of Intel Core i7-7700HQ Quad-Core, available storage space amount 512GB SSD, Battery life of 15577 is 7 hours, weight amount 5.66 pounds, the displayed amount 15.6-inch FHD with anti-glare LED-backlit Display.

2. Huawei Mate Book X Pro

The Runner up of the best laptop for mapping software is Huawei mate book x pro. Huawei has CPU 8th Gen intel core i7 8550u. Then, it has RAM capacity amount 16GB, Available storage space 512GB SSD, display tough screen amount 13.9 inches, the weight amount 2.93 pounds, and the last battery life amount 12 hours. If we compare it with the previous laptop, it almost has the same requirement. The CPU core i7 is the strong and best processor.

3. Lenovo: Lenovo Thinkpad E590

As well as the previous laptop, Lenovo Thinkpad E590 also has enough requirements for accessing mapping software. It has 16 GB of RAM, the storage is amount 512GB almost the same as the previous laptop, The display is 15.6 FHD screen, the weight amount 4.7 pounds, and the last battery life amount 12 hours. We can say that the Lenovo Thinkpad E590 is the best laptop which produces by the Lenovo company.

4. Apple MacBook Pro

The last suitable laptop for mapping software is Apple MacBook. in fact, Apple always provides the best product for us. then, Apple never disappoints people about the quality of Apple products. Thus, the Apple MacBook also gives the same quality. It has Intel core i7 processor and 9th generation 6 core, the RAM is 16GB, The storage is 256GB SSD, the weight is 4.02 pounds and the battery life is 10 hours, the last one, it has a 15-inch display with the brilliant retina of the display.

All of the laptops explained above can be the best laptop for mapping software, the ArcGIS. Therefore, you will not get trouble or hang while accessing the mapping software. Thus, you can do your work without worrying your laptop will crash down.

Top 5 Features Of Nvidia Shield TV You Need To Know

nvidia shield tv

Nvidia Shield TV is a set-top box and Android console game from Nvidia. So, you can make this Nvidia a modern entertainment medium that you can enjoy in the main TV room of your home. In addition, Nvidia can also access streaming services via Android.

nvidia shield tv

The main function of Nvidia Shield is to meet your needs when playing games via the Nvidia Grid streaming service. In addition, Nvidia Shield is also the first Android set-top box that has sophisticated graphics performance. So, let’s find out more about the following features of Nvidia Shield TV:

1. 4K Video Output

The first feature available on Nvidia Shield is the 4K video features. In fact, with the presence of HDMI 2.0, HDMI, and also with high bandwidth, users can enjoy 4K content on Netflix and YouTube.

Surely this is a very interesting feature for Nvidia Shield because users can enjoy higher quality pictures and video resolutions. So, for those of you who have TV content that has 4K options, you can also enjoy it through Nvidia Shield.

2. Dual USB Ports

Nvidia Shield is equipped with dual USB 3.0 ports and also Bluetooth. Therefore, this will certainly make it easier for you to develop and pair it with other devices

For example, you can activate Bluetooth connecting it to your game controller. So, with Bluetooth and USB 3.0, both of these features allow you to expand and also add other devices so that you have more game options.

3. MicroSD Card

There are several choices of Nvidia Shield TV types, 16GB, 64GB and also 500GB. Of course, the greater the amount of storage available, the price will be more expensive.

However, for those of you gamers, you will usually prefer a model with 500GB of storage. With the amount of storage you have, you will have many choices of games that you can play.

4. Grid and Game Stream

Nvidia Shield does not have many game choices to choose from. However, if you complete it with the Grid device and also Game Stream, you can expand the choice of games that you can play.

With the game-streaming feature, you can play the game on your PC. For those of you gamers, of course, you will like this feature, right?

Regarding the Grid service, you can get it for free and there is also a beta version. You can try both of these devices, both grid, and game stream. That’s because the two devices are one of the best features available on Nvidia Shield.

5. Green LED

Nvidia Shield TV has a unique characteristic that has a green LED. You can’t ignore it because all Nvidia Shields are equipped with this LED. This green LED is very cool but sometimes it bothers you while watching movies at night.

However, you don’t need to worry because you can turn this LED off easily. You can enter the settings menu and turn it off for as long as you want. If you need, you can turn this green LED back on, interesting right?

It turns out that Nvidia Shield TV has a variety of interesting features that you can use. You can use it to watch videos with very good resolution. In addition, you can also use it to play various interesting games.